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    Sting Of Death

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    by FLIXU Movies

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    *** PURE 60's HORROR FUN!!! *** A group of wild, hepcat college kids head down with a friend to her fathers house in sunny Florida for Spring Break. The man is a marine biologist and is currently studying jellyfish in his lab on premises. Apparently, the kids are there to learn a thing or two while helping out the doc in return for his hospitable welcome. However, being rowdy young college kids, they waste no time hazing and poking fun at the good doctors deformed and Igor-like assistant, Egon. But, Egon sticks around anyway. Mainly because he has got the hots for the Doctors rather shapely daughter. Egon does have a breaking point, though. Beneath his mild facade lies the heart of a hateful, vindictive, and bitter man. And having vast knowledge of science himself, Egon has built himself a laboratory out in the middle of the swamp. It is from that secret lab that emerges a killer jellyfish man with revenge and murder on his mind. Special Singing Star Neil Sedaka!