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    GTA Rumors a Release Date and Some New Pics


    by ClevverGames

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    I've got new GTA 5 screenshots & Rumored Release Date!

    Hello- Grand Theft Auto Fans! After GTA 5 gave us some much anticipated screenshots earlier this week- today they have 3 more! Which is totally cool- cause these new screens reveal activities like skydiving (which I totally love and is so much fun in real life), tennis, and some dirt bike racing.

    They haven't said what these screens are depicting just yet in terms of "Are they Leisurely activities?" or "are these means to criminal activity?' I'm voting on the criminal front- cause that sounds more adrenaline pumping! All of these shots come after the earlier screens released this week of a cheeta, Hydra, and biking.

    Also- leaked today is a possible release date. And- as you guys all know- I love leaked information. So- what happened is- European-based online retailer has posted what appears to be a release date for Grand Theft Auto 5. When questioned by Eurogamer, the retailer confirmed that the release date of November 23, 2012 was provided to them by their supplier. Stating quote-"I can confirm that this is the release date forwarded by our supplier. If the release date changes, our website will be updated immediately." I wonder if Rockstar leaked that on purpose. Sounds too good, to be organic!

    Do you agree? Also- which new activity is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. In the mean time, keep it locked right here to Clevver Games. I'm Hailey Bright- thanks for watching.

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