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    GTA 5 New Vehicle Screens


    by ClevverGames

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    It looks like 3 more images of GTA 5 vehicles have hit the web via the official GTA 5 fan page. It is confirmed kids, the cheetah and hydra are back and there will be bikes! So the hydra was one of the most fun vehicles to steal in San Andreas so it's nice to see it making a return in the new series. I remember someone made a mod for the Hydra that allowed it to drop Napalm. Maybe the GTA devs so that and will be adding some sweet new weapons to this VTOL jet. The Cheetah also returns to GTA 5. The car was a speed demon and a fan favorite so it's good to see that one coming back as well.

    And finally, you'll be able to hop on a bike for some cycle by shootings in GTA 5. So they're bringing back a lot of fan favorites but we haven't really seen anything new yet. Luckily on the GTA 5 official page there are a mysterious 3 blank spots. It looks like Rockstar has some more shots that they want to put in there but aren't ready to release yet. No the question in my mind is what if these blank screen shot spots are some sort of unofficial countdown. Perhaps the last shot is a release date! It looks like only time will tell and while there's a lot of rumors about the release date floating around, there's really nothing solid enough to speculate on yet. We'll be sure to keep you up to date on any more GTA 5 news that comes our way

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