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    Jango Edwards on The Shape of Change - A FOOL'S IDEA (S01 EP02)

    Blight Productions

    by Blight Productions

    A FOOL'S IDEA - An exploration of clown
    Episode #02 "Jango Edwards on The Shape of Change"

    This episode features, founder of the Nouveau Clown Institute Jango Edwards.

    This is a special episode that explores questions on the Shape of Change, a project created by artist Melanie Crean.

    Jango answers these questions:

    1. Where were you born?
    2. Where do you live now?
    3. How do you define change over time?
    4. How do you see it manifest in you personal life and work?
    5. How do you address this in your personal life and work?
    6. What do you feel would constitute meaningful political change in your country?
    7. Where do you feel the most free?
    8. How do you define freedom?

    There are many more questions in the Shape of Change project, there are the ones, I had a chance to ask Jango.

    For more information about the "Shape of Change" please visit:

    For more information about this series please visit:

    The concept is simple: We are interested in exploring this crazy, powerful and historically amazing art form called “clown” and its practitioners. We also thought that there might be a few others out there curious about what these amazing artists have to say, so we decided to find individuals who have dedicated their lives to the craft of clowning and ask them questions about topics other creative people might be interested in.

    Each episode (with the exception of a few specials here and there) is centered around one thesis question. Once asked, each artist responds with their educated perspective on the matter. You might not agree with everyone, but isn’t that truly the point of a conversation? Our goal is not to define concrete answers to each question, but rather to build a dialogue about creativity, life experience and process.

    If you have an opinion about a question, please share it. If you have a question you would like us to ask, let us know. Help us build the creative story of our community. The reason we chose to make an ongoing series about creativity is because the story is too big to justly contain everything in an hour and a half. There are always more creative minds with original perspectives, unique experiences and inspirational stories we can learn from.
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