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    Adele's Weight-Loss Plan


    by ClevverMusic

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    Adele's weight loss plan revealed! Hi there, I'm Bridget Daly and you're watching ClevverMusic. Maybe Karl Lagerfeld's nasty words about adele's weight really got to her, because she's reportedly trying to drop some lbs and get fit! The Sun reports that Adele has been working out lately in an effort to drop two dress sizes by this summer. Her friend British TV personality Alan Carr referred Adele to a pilates class where she recently joined, and she's even apparently stopped smoking too!

    A source says quote, "She really wants to get healthier, now that she's half-way there. She had always been curious about taking up Pilates but until recently there just hadn't been any time."

    As you know, Adele's been vocal in the past about not caring about her weight, saying she wants to be known for her talent rather than her looks. But you cant blame a girl for wanting to get healthy that's for sure! We're glad she's doing this because she wants to, and really hope it's doesn't actually have anything to do with Karl's recent comments. But what do you guys think about Adele's decision? Comment below and let us know! Thanks for subscribing to ClevverMusic, your #1 source for music news on YouTube. See ya next time.