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    Justin Bieber Hearts Pets In New PETA Ad


    by ClevverTV

    30 views - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! The Biebs gets sentimental talking about Sam -- we tell you who this is and how Justin's relationship with Sam influenced his life. That's next on ClevverTV. Welcome back to the show everyone. I'm your girl Joslyn Davis with scoop straight from the heart of the Bieber nation. Justin Bieber is stepping out in a new PETA add, encouraging people out there to adopt their pets from local animal shelters. It's a great thing to do, and something that Justin admits to being very passionate about. IN a new clip online for the PETA campaign, J talked about his own dog named Sam. Justin says that he had "moved to a city where [he] didn't really know anybody, so [he] wanted a friend and Sam was kind of like that friend." The teen mega-star said that he and his dad used to go visit shelter animals, and that he think it's "really important that people adopt," especially since "a lot of animals are getting abused in different homes." Justin is going on the record saying that his world includes passion for animals and he thinks yours should too. So what do you guys think of Justin's softer side when it comes to animal adoption -- are you excited to see that he's partnered up with PETA? Feel free to hit the share button here to let your friends in on this new Justin Bieber news -- and, as usual, keep it here at ClevverTV for non-stop news updates on all your favorite stars. I'm Joslyn Davis, thanks for watching.