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    Twisted Metal Movie to be the first Good Video Game Movie?


    by ClevverGames

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    We could be on track to finally break the curse of every video game movie being horrible...or maybe I just jinxed it.
    Hey Gamers, Joshua Ovenshire here for Clevver Games. Just yesterday, Twisted Metal hit the shelves allowing us to dust off the PS3. And fans couldn't have been happier with this chance to jump back into this violently twisted franchise. By why let the euphoria stop there. Sony also announced that they want to adapt this game into a film. Sony has already Avi and Ari Arad set to produce. You may have seen some of their work already, they've done a bunch of Marvel movies like all the Spider-man movies including the upcoming Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. And speaking of Ghost Rider, Brian Taylor, who did the screen play for it, is set to write the script for Twisted Metal. Sounds like Sony has a strong on team on board so far.
    Now a concept like Twisted Metal just screams Awesome Movie Idea. But how many times have we said that before? When was the last time we were completely satisfied with a video game movie adaptation. Will this movie be the one to break the mold? There have been some okay ones out there. Mortal Kombat was good....but just the first one, Prince of Persia did pretty well. Resident Evil movies are still being popped out. But are NOTHING like the game. And it Sony put those movies out as well. With that said will Sony take the concept of Twisted Metal and then alienate fans by taking it in a completely different direction? We can only hope this movie will be as bad ass as we need it to be. And with a story that's suppose to center around Sweet Tooth and Doll Face, with Calypso running the tournament, we may just get that.
    Now in the newest Twisted Metal Game, we actually get to see some amazing live action cut scenes with the characters and just based on that alone, I feel that a twisted metal movie could REALLY work. So I'm looking forward to it. So Sony...Don't mess this one up. How bout you guys? Do you want to see a Twisted Metal movie? If so, what does this team need to do in your opion to make it great. Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe to stay up to date on all the coolest gaming videos and news. Till the next time, I'm The Jovenshire and you're watching Clevver Games.