Uhm... There is nothing much to say about me just four words... "I love Jeff Hardy". I love him for 7 years, I started watching wrestling in 1998 I saw him several times but there was no crush on him at all, it's probably I was very young never think about love. But keep watching him every week on wrestling his pictures engraved in my mind every single day. No body knows, no one cares. Just me with the crush on Jeff for 7 long years. Nothing has been changed the love from me to Jeff Hardy, I love him dearly but never had a chance to meet him or go to see one of his match. <br /><br />The sad thing when I found out was that in his heart for the pass 10 years only Beth Britt is in his heart all time (I should found out about it earlier before letting the feeling in me gets larger). I'm not jealous of her or any bad ways toward her, but just admire her that she met Jeff and Jeff love her dearly all time, til now. Even he didn't meet Beth but in that position was me, Jeff will not going to like me... a girl with a different ethnic background, and not pretty like Beth. <br /><br />I guess I have to wait for my next life in order to meet Jeff earlier. But hopeful I will see Jeff earlier.