Ben Lowrey

Do you play guitar? <br /> <br />Would you like to play guitar? <br /> <br />Check out for 12 video guitar lesson plus lots of songs to learn by all you favourite bands! There is Rock, Blues, Acoustic, Jazz and lots more. There is Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, Eric Clapton just to name a few. Maybe you already are a great guitarist but check out our website anyway because we would love to hear what you think of the site. <br /> <br />12 free video guitar lessons include, <br />1) Tuning <br />2) How to read tab + a riff to practice <br />3) Chords <br />4) Strumming pattern <br />5) Blues scale + hammer and pull off technique <br />6) Finger picking <br />7) Minor scale + plectrum technique <br />8) Power chords + Palm muting technique <br />9) Bar Chords <br />10) Rock 'n' Roll <br />11) Funk <br />12) Improvising <br /> <br />You will love these video gutiar lesson! Check them out! <br /> <br />