Legionary First Cohort

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I am Troy main center commander .. my mission is managing Pergamoun and neighbour cit...


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I am a modder,gamer who playing ,INVASIO BARBARORUM -SOMNIUM APOSTATAE IULIANI,Classi...


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Antonia Kampoures

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My channel's function is broadcasting RomeTotal War Mod Online games .I want to draw...

cora 22

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SUR MA CHAÎNE, IL Y AURA : Des séries Des Let's Play et surtout BEAUCOUP de fun !cett...


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About Ἔφεσος Ephesus elegantly reconciles historic conservation with accessibility fo...


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The town was set up by the Rhodians in 700 BC. Because of its location on an isthmus...


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Hi everyone i am a total war player also very trouble a user from you tube:) these ar...


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I graduated from the Istanbul State Conservatory, I am working abroad as vocal pedag...

Berk Soy

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