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Un poisson très rare : un Oarfish!
Added by MisterSexyBuzz Friday
Ce poisson très très rare a été filmé ici. Ils sont meme 2 dans l'eau!
Two Rare Oarfish Sighting
Added by MisterSexyBuzz Friday
During a trip to Baja, participants of Shedd Adventures had the special opportunity to see not one, but two rare oarfish while at the beach. Video taken by one witness has instantly gone viral after being published by the Shedd Aquarium YouTube channel with over 2 million views! Video footage taken by Un-Cruise Adventures.
SkyfireX - California Academy of Sciences
Added by SkyfireX last week
The California Academy of Sciences featuring the Steinhart Aquarium at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA Exhibits featured in this video are the Shark Lagoon, Philippine Coral Reef, Claude the albino alligator, the Rainforests of the World. Music: "Forgotten Land" by Doxcent - http://ccmixter.org/files/doxent/45486 Licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 BY http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
Slow Life - Marine Animal Timelapse
Added by SimplyJustRandomness last week
Slow Life - Marine Animal Timelapse Biology student Daniel Stoupin photographs underwater corals and plant life in aquariums owned by private collectors to document their beautiful, yet slow growth. Although he didn't take any of these photographs in the ocean, he hopes to one day do so.
HOW TO: dosing system
Added by uarujoey 2 weeks ago
Get my guide book: http://thekingofdiy.com Follow me: http://facebook.com/uarujoey Hi everybody, joey here again and welcome back. Today, I'm going to show you how to build a dosing system. A dosing system allows you to dose trace elements, fertilizers, supplements and any other liquid to your aquarium. It does so in small set amounts at set times of the day. Many planted aquarium and reef owners dose their aquariums on a daily basis. Some rely on a dosing system to do it for them, while others manually dose daily. Manually dosing does not offer a lot of consistency though. There are times you might miss a dose, or simply not be able to dose at the same time every day. This is where a dosing system comes in handy while offering consistency. A dosing system consists of two main components: A dosing container and a dosing pump Both are typically sold separately. Purchased, this will run you are $200. The one I will show you how to build will only cost you less than $30. So let's get started. For the dosing container You will need a small plastic container that has a sealable lid. Preferably spill proof and around 2 liters in size. This one, I paid $2.50 for. Size will depend entirely on what you want to use it for. You do not need anything fancy or expensive though. Even a simple water bottle will work. (If it has a flat bottom) You will also need Airline ball valves: You need two of these. These are pretty common to find online with an aquarium supply store. They fit perfectly inside an airline hose and are barbed at the end so the line does not come off. They will cost you around $0.50 each. Common airline hose will also be needed. A small amount of silicone will also be used. Start by drilling a hole as close to the bottom of the container as possible. The hole should be the same size as the airline hose. Take a small piece of airline hose and attach it to one of the ball valves. Insert the ball valve with the airline end, into the hole in the bottle. The ball valve slightly makes the airline wider than normal and this helps to create a seal on the bottle. The seal will prevent leaks and movement. The purpose of this valve will be discussed later. Add a dab of silicone around the ball valve to help seal it. This completes the dosing container. Now we need a pump. I recommend using the "Tom Aquatics Aqua-Lifter Dosing Pump". If you search it online, you will come to find it will average around $15. This is similar to an air pump, but instead of air, it can pump liquid. It pumps small amounts of liquid though, which is perfect for this project. This pump is a must. Connect the lift pump to the valve on the container. This valve should be connected to the suction input of the pump. Connect a small piece of airline to the output of the pump. Then the second ball valve. Then more airline. This will serve as the return to your aquarium. That's it.
Dev Akvaryumda Melek Balıkları - Angel Fish in Aquariums
Added by suhulettin 2 weeks ago
Ankara Natavega Alışveriş merkezindeki Dev Akvaryumda Melek Balıkları - Angel Fish in Aquariums
Dev Akvaryumda Balıklar ve Mercanlar - Giant Aquarium Fish and Corals
Added by suhulettin 2 weeks ago
Ankara Natavega alışveriş merkezinde bulunan Dev Akvaryumda Balıklar ve Mercanlar - Giant Aquarium Fish and Corals
Dev Akvaryumda Palyaço Balıkları /Clown Fish in Aquariums
Added by suhulettin 2 weeks ago
Ankara Natavega Alışveriş merkezinde Dev Akvaryumda Palyaço Balıkları /Clown Fish in Aquariums
HOW TO: Aquarium chiller
Added by uarujoey 2 weeks ago
If you liked this video, you will LOVE my book: http://thekingofdiy.com Some hobbyists live in areas where it might get very hot in certain months. Cooling their aquarium water on a constant basis is something they might need to consider. In this video, I show you how to build a chiller that you can do at home that will not only work well, but look good, be functional and be cost effective. I wanted to keep this project under $100 and be universal for any aquarium. As with all my videos, I also needed to create a project that many people would actually be able to do. So simplicity is always key. Smaller chillers start around $500 for a chiller rated for around 50 gallons. This project will only cost around $100 for the same size tank, and use less power. More so, this project will serve to inspire you with a simple idea. After running on an aquarium for 12hrs, it has no problem with dropping the temperature by 3-5C. I ran this in my house. I used it on a tank that was at room temp of 22C. It dropped the tank temp to 17C within 12hrs. It might be able to cool even more, however, i ran it for only 12hrs with 200 GPH on a 50 gallon barrel. If you slow the flow more, it will cool faster.
Crocodile avale une torture vivante
Added by Kevbulduk 2 weeks ago
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Bac de micka - mars 2014 - AR83
Added by aquarium récifal AR83 2 weeks ago
Bac récifal de Micka 1100L. Aquarium récifal 83 / Ar83 www.aquariumrecifal.fr
stylophora violet 28-03-2014 / AR83
Added by aquarium récifal AR83 2 weeks ago
stylophora violet . Bac de Micka . Aquarium recifal / AR83 www.aquariumrecifal.fr
Bébés F1  Mars 2014 Cyprichromis Leptosoma "Utinta" , Neolamprologus  Multifasciatus "Cap Chaitika" , Synodontis Multipunctatus...
Bébés F1 Mars 2014 : Cyprichromis Leptosoma "Utinta" F1 , Neolamprologus Multifasciatus "Cap Chaitika" F1 , Synodontis Multipunctatus F1
aquarium "nature eco"
Added by Marina Rhina 3 weeks ago
Vidéo FISHROOM 22 Mars 2014
Une partie de la Fishroom en vidéo..
Ponte Neolamprologus Brevis Kiku II Sauvages
Ponte du 18 Mars 2014 Neolamprologus Brevis Kiku II Sauvages
Jeunes Neolamprologus Signatus "Kalemie" F1 au 21 Mars 2013
Jeunes Neolamprologus Signatus "Kalemie" F1 nés fin décembre 2013 en grossissement avec les Xenotilapia Bathyphilus Kékése F1 , Cyprichromis Leptosoma Kalambo F1 et Enantiopus Melanogénys "Mpulungu" F1
Julidochromis Marlieri "Burundi" Sauvages 21 Mars 2014
Groupe de 9 Julidochromis Marlieri "Burundi" Reproducteurs Sauvages acquis chez Aquatreff