Dr. Vic Flint

Scientists with the Mobile Life Conservatory announced the discovery of a rare Cantfindicus Phonicus, which was found on the streets of New York City helplessly trying to determine which of her devices was ringing. A throwback to a less technologically advanced age, the Cantfindicus Phonicus is defined by its baffling use of separate devices for telephone calls, e-mail, web surfing, text messages, and other functions. "She's like a dinosaur of the mobile species," said Conservatory Director Vic Flint. "It's sad really. The Cantfindicus Phonicus is ultimately doomed unless we can bring her up to date." <br /><br />The Mobile Life Conservatory was founded in 1910 with a grant by then U.S. President William Howard Taft. Charged with the mission of Protecting, Preserving and Promoting newly emerging mobile species, the Conservatory has played a crucial role in the conservation of species such as the Cantfindicus Phonicus, Emailius Nonstopicus, and Gluttonous Expendicus.