Latest video (Grantham UK's Music SuperStore..) was my first trial using Apple Motion Templates from Pixelfilmstudios followed by an article on my Video Whisperer blog ( with tips on how I did it all within FCPX.
Any request for tutorials on the subject of videography? Let me know.
Following my own advise as a video producer, I just added videos to my Home Page (welcoming people to the site and giving a general orientation to the use of video on web sites) and one each on the main service pages describing more about each service.<br />I've posted two of the videos here in the Corporate playlist as they contain useful tips on corporate video production.
This week I'll be doing the next several video tutorials in the "Lighting for Video That Doesn't Suck" series. I wrote an article on the Video Whisperer blog that gives an idea of what's coming up:
Coming in Late October: Next several in the series on Lighting including: Full description and demonstration of 3 point lighting, Lighting Contrast, Color Temperature, Inverse Square Law, Lighting in the Real World, and more.<br />The next series after Lighting will be on the subject of Camerawork.
I've decided that I will primarily be posting tutorials to Daily Motion. The featured video is the first of these. In mid-October I'll be doing the next several in that series. I hope that those that find the information useful will subscribe so that they are alerted to the new ones as they come.
Hello! I've just joined Daily Motion and while I do plan to upload some general interest "viral" type videos soon, I will be posting samples of my work which are mainly short business and corporate pieces as well as weddings and some music videos.<br />I hope they are enjoyed. Comments welcome.<br />Warm regards, Joe