It's now 2010,so my best of 09 playlist can now be used as a reference to anyone who wants to see what the best matches of 09 are.
Uploaded takeshi Morashima vs Nigel for the tittle.
I'm currently posting some Super Dragon matches, check em out. Also, Kenta vs Davey Richards was better then Undertaker vs HBK. Seriously. Kenta/Davey was INSANE!
Seems lately all the private video cannot be fucking viewed.
I can't view your nOthing saves video. I want too. :(
...And a new GHC World Champion, Go Shiozaki! What a wierd weekend of triumphs and sadness.
Agreed, but now theres a new Ring of Honor Champion! YESES!
RIP Mitsuharu Misawa , a legend that has provided us many classics.
Ahhh, come on Tyler.. you can do it.