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3 weeks ago by Jrizza Smithy
Love your channel.
August by Ann Ampar
Cool channel!
July by bodyslammike
hello Anna can you make a bodyslam with me?
February by Newworldorder
in the name of power - ANNA KONDA !
February by Hamster
December by Lklkmksp
so sad that they put all Videos of you behind Family filter! YouTube is better! much better! no stupid filter there for normal female Wrestling!
October by Anna Konda
i took alot of videos down last months. the reason is that dm took all my videos behind a filter. my views reduced here from 2.5mio to that what you see now. for me dm is a dead place now. follow me on my websites, facebook and other video community´s. i don´t upload my news here!
September by shambo32
I wish i could sign up for a session.....damn your beautiful
last year by gijskonijntje
yeah that's it and yes i know where to find more from you. And all that i can say is keep on the good work.
last year by Anna Konda
you mean that you only would wrestle your girlfriend or wife?! okay! no problem! but you know now where you can find more of us -right?!
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