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If you dig Electronica music, you'll love this:
Both Game of Thrones and Pokemon fans will dig this:
Both you Game of Thrones and Pokemon fans are going to love this:
Admit it, this is pretty spot on after a hot date:
Check out Nathan Barnatt's Instagram!
You're in for a treat because we have two new videos for you! First, watch Justin Bieber get punched in the face: Then watch our Dragon Ball Z parody:
MagicofRahat pranks fishermen at Venice Beach in this new episode of Prank School!
Check out the first episode of our new series, Maxing!
It's been a while but we're back with a new video! Ever wonder how BuzzFeed comes up with all those lists? Well we answer your questions:
We make fun of Shia LaBeouf in this one:
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