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I love this profile- it has a lot Sherlock of Benedict Cumberbatch. Could you upload some moveis Benedict has recently been in? thanks :)
Please add part 1 from the episode Hounds of Baskerville. And also I can't see any part of A Scandal in Belgravia. Otherwise love all the videos.
Love the collection of videos, what happened to part 1 of the hounds of Baskerville?
I have to ask, what happened to the rest of The hounds of Baskerville
Hi there. So series 3 episode 1 came out last night - do you know when you'll be uploading those videos? Appreciate it so much, you rock! :)
y is there only part 2 of the hounds of baskerville . you must of taken it down because it was there??
OMG i love u thnx soooooooooooooo much 4 uploading these videos!!!!! Can u upload the hounds of baskerville on here because u only uploaded part 2?? and r u going to upload season 3????
Hi! Thank you so much for adding all these videos! I love it! Will you be uploading Season 3 of Sherlock when it's out?
When season three comes out in January, do you think you'll upload any of the episodes? ((ps I love you soo much)
I love you for uploading these videos, seriously.
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