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There was this Egghead episode of Toonheads I was trying to upload and Dailymotion rejected so I cannot upload it, I think it has something to do with one of the episodes I have don't which one though. But I'll try of uploading others.
Strange. Maybe WB has you down as a Looney Tunes uploader, so they know they can check your account for copyright infringment (even though in reality it's fair use...)
Most of videos I'm trying to upload are being blacklisted by Dailymotion for an unknown reason.
Ah I see. Well, thank you anyway for showing me the Tasmanian Devil one, that one I didn't have either! :D
I should've told not worry about the second link because the link sometimes doesn't work for an unknown reason it has the same list of files as the first link does.
Can't access the 2nd link. :/
Interesting. Thank you again, I will have to check out these links.
For the last link in the last comment google search "vbox7 downloader" and click the first link it's sort an easy way to download that one since the site itself is kind of slow.
Ok so far The only episodes of Toonheads I've found are the I've downloaded plus some of the other ones that I want to download are missing some files to them. Here's are the links for the ToonHeads episodes: http://www.bxbr.net/RS-com-Toonheads-175MB-Xvid-AVIs-Captain-Jack-Ha_619353.html, http://rapidbelgrade.com/index.php?topic=16475.0, and http://vbox7.com/play:895df33423&al=2&vid=13850753
Awesome, thanks. Also, it looks like all my short film uploads are intact, so not sure what happened with yours tbh. But I can say I feel bad for yah. You certainly worked hard on uploading all of them only for them all to go down the toilet. :(