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Take a FREE CLASS and see for yourself. The LA Boxing Workoutª. Change starts here. Burn 800 to 1000 calories per class in a safe, fun and confidence-building boxing
LA Boxing is the premier gym for mixed martial arts, kick boxing, boxing and fitness in San Diego. We provide the challenge of genuine fight training in a safe environment.
The LA Boxing Workout™ mirrors an actual boxing, kickboxing or mixed martial arts bout with five, three-minute rounds separated by one-minute active breaks. Using a heavy bag, gloves, jump rope, timer and music, the workouts build cardio endurance and muscle tone. For the best workout in San Diego checkout LA Boxing.
Our boxing workout in San Diego is the workout that made us famous. We provide high quality boxing workouts in a clean and safe environment.
The LA Boxing Kickboxing Workout is designed to be the perfect total body workout. Kickboxing is the fastest way to a tight, toned fighter’s body.