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July by SJUredstorm
Thanks for posting the "Make the Grade" episodes. I am looking for one in particular with Chris, Patty, and Jill. One of the contestants is my sibling and I want to find the episode. Thanks.
January by Jennings
Would you just cool it with spreading on my uploads the rotten comment "", John Doe (using multiple accounts)?
last year by Jennings
I don't have any Robot Wars and unfortunately not the entire Make the Grade series. I've uploaded all the Lew Schneider I have and I got 38 Robb Edward Morris to go.
last year by Andy Morales
Hey!! <br />Andy Morales here!!<br /><br />Thank you for putting up a lot of episodes of the Nickelodeon game show: "Make The Grade". You are a lifesaver!! You should upload every single episode that aired on: "Make The Grade". Do you have every single episode?? <br /><br />Also, i was wondering if you can upload all of the 7 episodes to the Nickeloedeon version of Robot Wars??<br /><br />Thanks!!<br />Andy Morales
last year by Jennings
Yes, but I have been having quite a few other stuff to do. I'll see about Click when I can. In the meantime, I'm having this Blockbusters episode up temporarily so a friend of mine can download it and help sending it to me via a download site without commercials so I can upload it to YouTube.
last year by Aaron Wolfe
do you happen to have any episodes of "click"?
last year by dagecco
What was the grand prize(the trip & hotel for that trip) on the episode of Figure it Out Wild Style with the contestants Emelie and Mitch and the talents were Fits Horses For Metal Shoes and<br />Stands Hypnotized Lobster Upside Down? Also did the contestants stump the panel?
last year by dm_515786ed975fc
Check out the episode of Figure it Out on my profile - dm_515786ed975fc<br /><br />Our episode was #227 of Season Two - we filmed the same day as the Solo Synchronized Swimmer and airdate of 5/8/98 - but for some reason our episode # is used by someone else. But in all my paperwork from the Network that was out show number....
last year by Jennings
Yes, I believe I am, Anthony.
last year by Anthony Mack, Jr
Good Morning, Jennings, i've enjoyed your YT channel and your Dailymotion channel. are you anything special, this valentines day on YouTube and/or dailymotion?
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