eus347's commentaar

don't u reply, like ever?
Eus, I have nearly all (or all) of your lost subs. Send me a email...
Door Yefren
eus347, do you have a facebook page?
Door Farishomam
eus347, I feel so sorry that silly Youtube has deleted your account! I just want to tell you that I'm following you here. Best regards for all your great effortsm, from Palestine
Door Farishomam
Hola Eus!! Te tengo nuevos subtítulos en español (muchos!!!), pero veo que no has actualizado tu cuenta de Dailymotion...
Door Yefren
where can we download subtitles of Russian animations except thanx
hey pal ! I downloaded Храбрец-удалец (Сказки) before from youtube & I guess it was from your channel right? I can't find its subtitles in could you help plz?thanx
So relieved to find you here, thanks so much for uploading these beautiful animations! Keep up the good work! :)
Such a pity your Youtube is deleted. But glad you're still here! Marion