But lack of Kayfabe, replacing Wrestling Bookers with Hollywood Script Writers who know nothing about Wrestling and no ad-lib allowed, no territories so everyone Wrestlers the same style and cuts the same promos so no stars jump out, PG bullshit. Wrestling today is just nowhere near as good as it was between 1983-2004. Those that deny this just don't know any better or they're deluding themselves.
Look at all the important things that happened, Hulkamania, Wrestlemania, Hogan slamming Andre, The Mega-Powers exploding, Savage and Elizabeth, Hogan jumping to WCW, Austin 3:16, Hogan turning heel, The NWO, DX, the attitude era, the Montreal screw job, the end of WCW, the list goes on and on. I still love Wrestling today and always will.
Look at the Broadcasters we had, Solie, JR, The Fink, The Brain, Gorilla, Ventura, The King (when he was good). Look at the Managers we had, Albano, Blassi, The Mouth, The Brain, Cornette, Fuji, Slick. Look at the women we had, Moolah, Sherri, Elizabeth, Medusa, Sunny, Sable, Stratus, Lita, Kiebler, Torrie. Look at the ratings, a 40, a 9, 7s and 8s every week. Look at the attendances, 93,173.
Wrestling between 1983-2004 was so much better than today's Wrestling. Just look at the promotions we had, NWA, WWF, WCW, WCCW, AWA, MCW, ECW, USWA. Look at the stars we had, Hogan, Flair, Savage, Piper, Andre, Warrior, DiBiase, Austin, Rock, HBK, Foley. Look at the tag-teams we had, Hart Foundation, LOD, Bulldogs, Midnight Express, Dudleys, Hardys.
Does anyone have the 3 WWF Sunday Night Slam special prior to Summer Slam 1994, Survivor Series 1994 and Wrestlemania 11 in 1995 please? Thanks.
Does anyone have the 1995 WWF King Of The Ring Qualifying Match: The Roadie vs Doink The Clown from WWF Superstars - 6/3/1995 please? Thanks.
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