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why can't i see any of your videos?
Hello, I, too, followed the link from your Youtube channel but don't find nothing.... :( What happened??? I so sad!!! because I love the show but don't anderstand hindi...please upload more if you can...thank you,<br />Jude
Hi, I followed the link from your Youtube channel but there's nothing here. Did you take down your videos?
I have seen your videos on youtube the quality and esp with ENGLISH SUBS wow really im not native hindi speaker it reallly helps me alottt..So please plase upload all the epsiodes.I would really appreciate your hard work and efforts. Thank You!
I know most of ppl watching again and again.If it would be everything i one place that would be easier to watch it . and i know it takes lot of time to put it. But we really miss IPK show.
Hi, Can you please upload the full episodes of IPK show starts from 100 above and all.I am not able to open any of videos and it takes me to directly to home page. Could you please re upload all of them at one place.
not one video from IPKKND is opening in daily motion...<br />instead it is redirecting the page to home page..<br />why is that?<br />what's the problem?
Hey what happened to IPKKND videos??<br />they are not getting opened...
Why are your all IPKKND vides removed? Pls rue upload them.
Hi, just now I was going through all your IPKKND episode videos. But all your videos from episode 327 to 398 has been removed.Why? can you please reupload all your videos? It would be better if you upload from episode 1. I want to watch all episodes again.
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