Wow!! Amazing!! I'm getting there with 1,000 clips on here.
whoa almost a thousand videos. i saw amtrak 90230 on the canadian pacific a while back
thanks for the add Chase. Check out my railroad group<br />
Hey Chase! <br />How have you been? I hope you like the northwest, you've gotten some good action there already. Thanks for adding some of videos to your favorites list. I have some more from my Ivor/Windsor, Virginia trip from October 24 of some awesome NS action, including some rarities.
So how do you like the northwest?
By UP1995
im going to upload some rochelle stuff (also im going in winter and i going to mound the snow next to the tracks when a train comes by it will fly and look cool)
By UP1995
Hey chase, i finally got a new computer. YAY. Also congrats on almost 600 vids.
By UP1995
i will be visiting sometime<br /> like now
Dude you said a while back there was likely only one time that you saw a Dash 9-44CW with a P3 horn. BNSF 4444 has a Nathan P3 horn on it too.
i cant belive you moved
By ns2622