Spatry's comments

Thank you for putting content on DailyMotion! I really think that the site deserves more people, and content providers like you could help it grow!
Wow Spatry, nice place you got here!
Very Spatry looking Channel now.
Daily Motion is terrific and Vimeo is even better.
@brobri yes you can! Under each video you can click the comment tab to the right of the about tab. I did not notice the comment section at first! Great to see you BroiBri! I hope all is well!
By Spatry
I dunno about this dailymotion thing. Can you comment on individual videos? I haven't figured out how to yet. I've had a dailymotion account for years, but hardly ever go on here. We'll see. Just installed Linux Mint 15 xfce on my main desktop.
By brobri
Nice animation, you have to do a Tutorial on how you did that.
i am now busy to migrating to an new email account :) more europe based :) Was Vimeo no candidate for an video channel since the standard screen is bit bigger and less add?
I noticed about 10 of the 30 users I had subscriptions to in youtube have closed their accts!<br />By the way that petition will not accept form input completion, it turns grey and just sits there, I tried it twice since yesterday;<br /><br />
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