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Sorry for the double post of that last message!
Hi do you have Sadie & Mark's Cha-Cha from Week 1? Thanks! :)
Hi, love your videos and they're really helpful. do you have Sadie & Mark's Week 1 Cha-Cha? Have been trying to find the full clip.
Hello Codebear!!!! :)
Hello Codebear!!! How are you?? I'm following yo here too!!! LOL :P
thank you for uploading everything, i highly appreciate it :) will you upload team creepy or maybe their rehearsal? that would be amazing :)
Codebear, you're amazing! Thanks a lot for the videos you upload every week! Thanks to you I was a part of American DWTS!)))
@Becky Masker It was rejected by Dailymotion. Moved it to
Do you have Gilles & Peta's tango from week 3?