Janet, not sure, did you find the link I sent to watch BB until Lisa is back? Soapwatch70 on DM
Hey Janet let me know if u find a new channel for Lisa...so upset all her videos are pulled
http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x299b9k_11-3-14-mon_creation new channel for Lisa
I told Lisa that the way CBS find ppl and get DM to close accounts due to copywrite, is by uploading an Algorythm that finds the exact shows audio file etc. I advised Lisa to slightly speed up the audio file in moviemaker (which you'll notice she did) when uploading, and voices will sound slightly higher, but it works, coz CBS can't track the audio this way. Fingers crossed I'm right. My hubby is
BoldLifeDramaSeries is Lisa's new new new channel lol. So far so good!!
Hey Janet, I found Lisas new channel (poor darling has to keep opening new accounts every other day) so in case you hadn't already found her, click on who I'm following and add her 5th and latest new account. Let's keep each other posted in these comments if either of us needs to know where Lisa's new channels in coming weeks, coz the CBS bastards are getting their claws into every CBS show BB upl
Hey there, hope ur well! Any idea when 7th March BB ep will be uploaded or if anywhere else other than Lisa we can catch it? Think she had internet issues today?? Ta