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bro.. are u gonna upload the episodes from last week?
your welcome (:
thanks very much for upload your videos of xfactor. i live in Spain and i can't watch xfactor videos on the official page or any other page. thanks thanks thanks!! i'm waiting more! Thanks very much!
know of anyone that uploads Xfactor Aus?
Door KateSinn
Yes i will upload episodes this year (:
Hey! Will you upload season 3 of the THE X FACTOR this year?? I really hope you do it, like last year. Pleeeeease!!!
can u plz upload Britian got talent... ?????
Hi ! I just wanted to know, Will you upload The Voice ? (it started in 2 weeks) Thank you so much for the others videos :)
Please please please please oh please oh please upload the newest American Idol episodes! I'm dying to watch them during the weekend! Please & thanks! :D