David Eells

Unleavened Bread Ministries is a committed group of self sacrificing Christians who have a great desire to get the Word of our Savior out to the World. <br /><br />We present, End-Time Revelations for America and the World -- Hidden in Scriptures, Prophecies, Dreams and Visions. Teachings to Empower True Disciples to Walk in the Steps of Jesus. <br /><br />Our Bible Studies are in a particular order and best viewed using the sequence of numbers within each playlist and then the title of each video. This is to establish a foundation. <br /><br /><b>Bible Study Playlists:</b> <br /><br />01) Introduction Series (3) <br />02) Hidden Manna Series (40) <br />03) Growing In Christ (12) <br />04) Discerning For The End Times (14) <br />05) Avoiding Deception (13) <br />06) True Gospel (45) <br />07) The Division In And Of The Church (9) <br />08) New Leadership For The Wilderness (27) <br />09) Is It The End Times (5) <br />10) Revelations Of Spiritual Israel (22) <br />11) How Shall We Die (8) <br />12) Miscellaneous Series (60+) <br /><br /><b>Video Books:</b> <br /><br />Hidden Manna for The End Times (7) <br />Sovereign God For Us and Through US (12) <br /><br />Visit our website to download both video and audio bible studies.