David Eells

Unleavened Bread Ministries is a committed group of self sacrificing Christians who have a great desire to get the Word of our Savior out to the World.

We present, End-Time Revelations for America and the World -- Hidden in Scriptures, Prophecies, Dreams and Visions. Teachings to Empower True Disciples to Walk in the Steps of Jesus.

Our Bible Studies are in a particular order and best viewed using the sequence of numbers within each playlist and then the title of each video. This is to establish a foundation.

Bible Study Playlists:

01) Introduction Series (3)
02) Hidden Manna Series (40)
03) Growing In Christ (12)
04) Discerning For The End Times (14)
05) Avoiding Deception (13)
06) True Gospel (45)
07) The Division In And Of The Church (9)
08) New Leadership For The Wilderness (27)
09) Is It The End Times (5)
10) Revelations Of Spiritual Israel (22)
11) How Shall We Die (8)
12) Miscellaneous Series (60+)

Video Books:

Hidden Manna for The End Times (7)
Sovereign God For Us and Through US (12)

Visit our website to download both video and audio bible studies.