1 am a girl im not afraid to admit <br />i love wwe! undertaker , kane, the hardys, batista, john cena, rey rey, jesse and festus lol, and many more. i hate mvp, mark henry, great kahli, edge, and randy ortan but im getting ok with him so soon he won't be on my hate list.... 1 have a love 4 many animals mainly horses. <br />and i will watch wwe every day if it was on every day, i have a batista shirt,2 undertaker shirts, 5 undertaker posters, 3 batista posters, and i am workin my way to buy a john cena shirt! i luv wwe! idk if i will ever upload any videos yet. i will get some videos of my friends and me being goofy and things but idk if i could get any on anythime soon. well thtz me for ya! <br />