Judah - so called Negroes <br />Benjamin - so called West Indians <br />Levi - so called Haitians <br />Simeon - so called Dominicans <br />Zebulon - Guatemala to Panama <br />Ephraim - so called Puerto Ricans <br />Manasseh- so called Cubans <br />Gad - N.American Indians <br />Reuben - Seminole Indians <br />Napthali - Argentina to Chile <br />Asher - Colombia to Uruguay <br />Issachar - Mexicans <br /><br />In The Holy Tongue... <br />Yahawadah -- Judah = yahawah thanks <br />Banyamyan -- Benjamin = son of the right hand <br />Laway -- Levi -- attached(joined to me) <br />Shamiwan -- Simeon = affliction heard <br />Rawaban - Reuben = see ye a son <br />Yasshakar -- Issachar = he is hired <br />Zabalawan -- Zebulon = dwelling <br />Napathalay - naphtali = my wrestling <br />Gad- Gad = troop(fortune) <br />Aparayam - Ephraim = i am fruitful <br />Manashah - Manasseh = made to forget <br />Ashar - Asher = Happy <br />If you're in the Bay Area Hit us Up and come out and do the labor of love