TrackWorks Records <br /><br />Record Label / Publishing Company / Management Company <br /><br />Ray Roc and BIG Management presidents Gary Salzman & Joe Koppie have partnered to form TrackWorks Records. The name TrackWorks actually comes from Roc’s Long Island studio and he extended the name for the partnership. <br /><br />Ray has been with BIG for 10 years, having success in the underground and overground with tracks such as “Jungle Kisses”, radio hits like “Never” (The Roc Project) plus DJ tours around the world... <br /><br />Gary Salzman is very successful as a manager breaking acts like Todd Terry, Tony Humphries, and Tony Moran to the Masses. In 2002 Gary did it again by crossing over Ray Roc's ROC PROJECT "Never" to Mainstream Radio. <br /><br />BIG Management is one of the most respected management companies in the dance music industry, but Gary, Joe and Ray Roc's roots come from the underground and they know that there is undiscovered talent that has the same potential to break through to the masses with proper guidance. <br /><br />In this time of digital change record labels have fallen behind and are not quick to sign and develop projects. They look for the obvious hits and throw it out to the market place. We realize most of these records start from the DJs and the underground clubs. Our aim is to find these records starting from the root, the Artist/Producer and not only make sure the song or track is successful but also the person behind the music. <br /><br />The days of breaking a DJ/Producer via an indie record label are back and we will be doing that with our roster starting with Ray Roc & his new Roc Project album and continuing with new acts like SpeakerBox (Anton Bass / Anthony Fonseca /DJ Sted-E) and Dave Pezza. <br /><br />TrackWorks Records will be a multi-purpose company. Record Label / Publishing Company / Management Company. The Company will focus on the underground DJ/Producers who have the potential to break through to the masses. <br /><br />160 Fifth Avenue <br />Suite 630 <br />New York, NY 10010 <br /><br />PH: 212-242-8822 <br />FX: 212-242-6150 <br /><br />