melody szymczak

Left handed. Parisienne. Entrepreneur, speaker, meditator & insanely happy, Melody is the founder of Cofee.TV to help you empower your image . Rock your world! <br /><br />**** *****<br /><br />Trained in media training technics (by Bloomberg TV editor in chief ) , in mental preparation (by a former army colonel and coach in France), over the past few years she’s been helping entrepreneurs and business women to speak out their dreams through WEBTVS – she is the founder of the first WEBTV dedicated to women in economy in Paris, TV4FINANCE.<br /><br />Coach for few selected journalists and bloggeurs throuhout the world, she is the founder of the Image optimisation coaching school online, The Cofee School, and the creator of the lovely and elegant show COFEE TV, the parisian way. Her mission? To empower your image, and help you rock the world!