TTONGSUL<br />Takeshima is an inherent part of the territory of Japan.<br /><br /> The occupation of Takeshima by the Republic of Korea is an illegal occupation undertaken on absolutely no basis in international law. <br /><br />Any measures taken with regard to Takeshima by the Republic of Korea based on such an illegal occupation have no legal justification.<br /><br />sex slave? NOPE! HIGHLY PAID PROSTITUTES<br />READ THE FACTS-<br /><br /><br />Sadly, many women were made to suffered severe hardships during the wretched era during World War II, and it is with profound regret that we contemplate this tragic historical reality.<br /><br />I am interested, foremost, in sharing the truth with the world, NOT THE paid korean propaganda and lies. Criticism for events that actually occurred must be humbly embraced. But apologies over unfounded slander and defamation will not only give the public an erroneous impression of historical reality but could negatively affect the friendship between the rest of the world and Japan. We ask only that the Facts be objectively regarded so that we may share a correct perception of history.