Otis Collier

A 37 year old Kennesaw man discovers hidden treasure in credit cards. <br /><br />He was quoted as saying, "I discovered that I could market for major banking and finance institutions who issue credit cards to consumers. As a representative, I am also allowed to build a network of opportunity seekers who can also market for these credit card issuers. Commissions are paid to me by the financial institutions for the acquisition of card holders. I also receive over-ride commissions from those on my team." <br /><br />When asked if there were any cost associated, he stated, "Zero money is exchanged for the right to participate in this business opportunity. <br /><br />Commissions are not earned from application fees. Money is never paid for recruiting representatives but rather for customer acquisitions. The financial credit institutions are only interested in paying independent <br />representatives for their role in helping them acquire new card holders." <br /><br />He went on to say, "The unique part of this business is that the customer’s only requirement is to complete a credit card application, be approved, and when they receive their card, activate it. There are no requirements for cardholders to make a credit transactions. Our business is very simple… <br />customer acquisitions." <br /><br />When asked how interested opportunity seekers could participate he suggested that they visit a site that would provide a 10 minute video presentation explaining all the details as well as ongoing marketing training. <br /><br />That website can be found at: http://tryfcm.com <br />