The Truth After Knowledge (TTAK) has been established specifically for the task of analyzing and discussing doctrines and history specific to the "Black Hebrew Israelite" (BHI) groups such as the Israeli Church of Universal Practical Knowledge (ICUPK), the Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge (ISUPK), the Israelite Church of God and Jesus Christ, and its various offshoots and splinters (HOD, HOI, et cetera). <br /><br />[DISCLAIMER: Please note the emphasis on certain groups above. The group is not about attacking Hebrew Israelites in general, but rather we specifically discuss those that descend from the teachings of Abba Bivens, Masha, Ahraya, and/or teach the exclusivist doctrine.] <br /><br />There is no doctrinal requirement for joining the Truth After Knowledge discussion group. There are no set dogmas that members must endorse before joining. The members of this discussion group come from a wide range of worldviews, such as Protestants, Catholics, Messianic and Orthodox Jews, and Black Hebrew Israelites (including former members of the ICUPK/ICGJC). <br /><br />The point of the Truth After Knowledge discussion group is to provide an open forum in which anyone can freely test the doctrines of the ICGJC and like-minded organizations. These churches have justifiably been called "cults" by some in light of the way they attempt to stifle debate and suppress members who ask too many questions. Now members and non-members alike have a place to freely discuss things that these groups try to prevent them from considering too carefully. In light of the fact that these groups claim that the scholars of the world are afraid of their arguments, that they are the only ones with the truth, and that they have an open challenge to test their claims, surely, then, there is nothing wrong with providing an uncensored forum in which their doctrines and history can be discussed and analyzed. <br />