Malmort was founded in the year 2003 from the meeting of Reicheran and Necrowarrior.<br /> Drawing their inspiration from the roots of black art, they released their first named Hollenfurt mischief the winter of 2006 with the cooperation of Dalgrin and Oldar.<br /> The group remained in the shadows for a while and then, under the banner of the French label Hass Weg, a new album being entitled MCDXXXI-MCDXL born in April 2010.<br /> Since then, the themes focus on the mythology and the dark medieval times in France. Later, Necrowarrior decided to leave the group. Dalgrin and Oldar were so involved that they joined permanently Malmort. <br /> In February 2011, they made the meeting of the Hellenic band Sad and thus shared a realization named Mavakeia.<br /> Malmort refines his art and release in January 2012 Vox In Excelso, their first album, fruit of mature compositions. Raw and melodic, this album offers cold atmospheres of rage and hatred without compromise.