Travel Mind Syndrome are a five piece alternative/indie rock band. Their music combines a wide range of elements, thus creating a unique, distinct musical style. The band is known for their energetic and upbeat live performances... From October 2007 to February 2009 Travel Mind Syndrome were London-based. During that time their first single, titled “Donna”, gained airplay at local radio stations such as BBC Scotland, BBC Liverpool and Island Fm. Also, Travel Mind Syndrome featured in the BBC 6 Music radio show “BBC Introducing” by Tom Robinson... Travel Mind Syndrome returned to Athens in 2009 and recorded their first EP titled “East Acton to Saint Friday”. The band has been gigging frequently in clubs, has supported various artists (e.g. the Caesars, Sivert Hoyem) and has participated in many festivals gaining positive reviews. Most reviews rave about their live performances, namely their passionate appearance on stage and their frontman’s vigorous, intense performance... Their track “Breeze of Light” has been voted “Song of the Month” by influential music site Jumping Fish ( Since then, “Breeze of Light” has gained airplay on all major pop/rock radio stations in Greece and Travel Mind Syndrome have attracted public interest with their video clip for “Breeze of Light”. As a result, the band’s following is growing steadily.