Gregoire Pluchet

The Toxic Avenger, a.k.a. Simon Delacroix, is an electro thrash producer hailing from Paris, France. Taking cues from intelligent hardcore and punk, all the way to 60’s pop, The Toxic Avenger brings us a unique blend of melodic rage and screaming synths that create a sonic epic audiences can lose their minds to. <br /><br />Toxic is Dead, the first single from the currently untitled full length, continues to propel the ever-growing mystique of the man behind the mask. Far from deceased, the Toxic Avenger’s ghostly orchestrations and pulsating rhythms, not to mention his colossal bass lines combine for a dangerous and deadly etherealness that is sure to slay dancefloors around the world straight into the afterlife. Additionally, eccentrics Drop the Lime and heavy hitters South Central provide their talents on remixes that further project the dark evolution of our once Superhero turned sinister. <br /><br />Previously hailed as one of Rolling Stone’s Artists To Watch, The Toxic Avenger has secured a place as one of the top electro producers, and has provided his signature touch on a number of remixes for artists such as Ladytron, Late of the Pier, Chromeo, and IHC labelmates Heartsrevolution. <br /><br />The Toxic Avenger is currently on tour worldwide, playing in clubs and at festivals from Paris to Melbourne. Additionally, Scion will be releasing an upcoming sampler that features our new anti-hero’s latest hair-raising club offerings. Be sure to check out Toxic is Dead, the next IHEARTCOMIX release set for September 15, and stay tuned for more thrilling adventures of… <br /><br />…The Toxic Avenger.