tomoya ino

新宿ベルクの副店長であり、写真家でもある迫川尚子の公式サイト「写真とベルクのあいだで」から、おすすめのオリジナル映像をお届けします。 管理人 井野朋也(ベルク店長) Profile of Naoko Sakokawa Born in island of Tanegashima, Kagoshima Pref. Joshi Bidai Art and Design, dress designer major, studied modern photography. From_textile design and editing illustration book at art design publisher, in 1990, oined the co-management of Shinjuku "Beer & Cafe Berg". Currently, director and vice store manager. Also licenced chef, sommelier of Japanese sake, and art navigator. Whilst working 364 days a year, escaping from workplace, traversiong taking photos of Shinjuku and Tokyo.