Timeshare Team is made by Mick Jensen and I am from Denmark. See my main website here Tivsi.com <br /><br />I have been in Timeshare for 16 years I started the on the 13th of August in 1994. I started out working for Sub Beach Holiday Club in Rhodes, Greece,. I was trained by some really good and smart people, who taught me from the beginning to never lie because it will alway hunt you back.. <br /><br />Well what goes around comes around… your history will always hunt you down… Mick Jensen <br /><br />I have used this domain for recruiting since 2008, other companies on the internet have been online for many years and have grown into big businesses. Nowadays many of them do not really care if you get a job or not because they get paid up front, per month or per year. Sometimes you send an application and you won´t even get an answer…. How do you feel then? Not good do you. Do you think that´s fair? Well I don´t. <br /><br />I care for all my job seekers on by one. That is why my comapany name is “Timeshare Team” I believe with team work you can get so much further. With a good team you will have and keep a positive attitude, if you do work will make you feel good. So my goal is to find you a really good timeshare company to work for. Please let me know when you send in your application and if you do not get an answer from any company I represent (and I only represent the best ones) please write to my personal e-mail : mick.jensen@timeshareteam.com and I will find out what the problem is, and et back to you with an answer ASAP.