Tim Rowland

Hello everyone... I'm Tim A. Rowland. My goal and dream is to (in a nutshell) be a literary rock star. Author, writer, lyricist, poet, and so much more. Stay tuned... you will enjoy it I'm sure.<br /><br />I create and write all the content shown on this channel under my name (other channels will be featured too) and it is all original work.<br /><br />A lot of the videos you will find on my channel will be talking about issues and concepts I have thought of and truly believe in. There will be fun videos of different types, some every day on-the-fly kind of footage, but plenty of monologues by me discussing anything and everything. I am working on creating the performance and recital pieces as well, which you are sure to enjoy. You will find 0 fake here.<br /><br />You can contact me by leaving comments, messaging me here, or email me directly at: timarowlandtube@gmail.com<br /><br />Hold on tight...this is going to be great!! From me you'll get meaningful topics discussed as well as plenty of just outright fun stuff.