Every dream has a soundtrack. THIS TIME follows six diverse recording artists on the verge of their next moment in the spotlight. They've sung back-up up for Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Dionne Warwick and Jimi Hendrix, been homeless while their songs were on the charts, struggled to fill tiny cabarets and fight against the odds of the music industry -- all while holding tight to their dignity and dreams. With a soaring soundtrack of extraordinary music, THIS TIME takes you from the streets of South Central Los Angeles to New York's Park Avenue on a unique musical journey in this uplifting story of the transformative power of creativity. <br /><br />The musicians are legendary recording artists The Sweet Inspirations (best known as back-up singers for Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin and Dusty Springfield), New York cabaret sensation Bobby Belfry, soul diva Pat Hodges (Hodges, James & Smith) and composer-producer Peitor Angell. As they battle self-sabotage and the brutality of the music industry, THIS TIME celebrates their widely ranging gifts and experiences in this inspiring story of hope, persistence and faith. <br /><br />Also featuring original Sweet Inspiration and gospel music star Cissy Houston. <br /><br />The Sweet Inspirations star in THIS TIME. Coming May 10, 2011. Pre-Order the Special Features DVD with never-before-heard stories about Elvis, Aretha and more! <br /><br />For more information or to friend, fan or follow <br />visit <br /> <br />@thistimemovie