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My name is Nick Myer aka The SouL. If you want to make contact mail me here thesoulpresentsATmyspaceDOTcom or via my youtube page. This is the first UFO footage I have managed to capture from many sightings and events I have witnessed..Its not a balloon, a note for the sceptics. Check the still shot pic close up, its not a balloon. 40 miles before this footage was taken we witnessed another static ball-like hovering object in a valley that disappeared a minute after witnessing it. It disappeared completely from sight. Sure this footage is not one of my songs, but I thought I'd upload it here anyway to The SouL song project page as the events and sightings I have experienced are more than meaningful within my life. Not an easy journey but some very strange encounters have occurred along the way. Its not over. Its a sign of more dramatic events to come, much more..I believe....I may have role...Time will tell...

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