The SEEN Festival

Bless Up, all friends of: S. Tyrone Ingram, The SEEN Festival and all massive from; Oonka Symeon <br /><br />enjoy clips of many artists, bands and dancers who have performed at The SEEN Festival - annual world reggae soul music event and canned foods drive over the past 17 years. <br /><br />reggae, hip hop, soul, dancehall, soca, blues, etc.. <br /><br /> = GO LISTEN NOW! = <br /> OONKA SYMEON <br />Posted a new song entitled: "Cool" <br /> #music on <br /> also visit: Oonka Symeon on MTV's <br /> <br /><br />I AM TIRED OF HATE / MURDER MUSIC and LYRICS DOMINATING TODAY's POPULAR REGGAE DANCEHALL and THE AIRWAVES? <br /><br />These days, jus way too much undue attention on the subject inna di reggae dancehall music's hurting the genre and is putting a bad "stain" on it and in many places around the world, it is hurting the artists and the industry ..."STOP IT!". <br /><br />I'm Tryna work in this business and feed myself a my family. <br /><br />to: The artist who use these "negative" lyrics F.Y.I. <br />ps: The so-called; "BATTY MON" in America, Canada and Europe just so happen to own many of the major venues and top in which you desire headline <br /><br />"LET's BRING BACK THE "L-O-V-E" INNA REGGAE MUSIC! <br />Conscious and serious are his's artist can take a lesson in lyrics and content from Dennis Brown "THE CROWN PRINCE OF REGGAE" !!!!!... and Mista Majah P. <br /><br />= Mista Majah P: <br />The TOLERANCE TOUR = <br />-100 cities worldwide- <br /> <br />Jamaican/Oakland, CA reggae star; MISTA MAJAH P. announces tour promoting his new and most talked about latest CD release; TOLERANCE <br /> <br /><br />also appearing on tour Oakland reggae star; Oonka Symeon <br />