This channel is for Dr House Cameron tATu me and my fiends. <br />remember I LIKE DAMAGED PEOPLE! <br />I am shy,sweet and very romantic.I hate the selfish and the person do not respect me <br />I ussually on Skype and facebook my name is Laura Faravelli <br />ALL ABOUT ME!! <br /><br />I BORN <br />ON 5th of September <br /><br />FAV COLOUR <br />Blue <br /><br />FAV NUMBER <br />5 <br /><br />FAV SHIPS <br />=HOUSE/CAMERON= ever <br />Betty/Daniel <br />Troy /Sharpay <br />Wilson/Cuddy <br /><br />FAV ACTOR <br />=Hugh Laurie <br />=Jennifer Morrison <br />Raul Bova <br />Zac Efron <br />Ashley Tisdale <br />Jhonny Depp <br /><br />FAV SERIES FAV CHARACTERS <br />=Dr HOUSE= of course!!!XD House/Cameron <br />=Ugly Betty= Amanda <br />=Paso Adelante= Marta <br /><br />FAV MOVIE <br />Hight School musical 1/2 <br />Scusa ma ti chiamo amore <br />The ring 1/2 <br /><br />FAV SINGERS <br />t.A.T.u ever %) <br />Snow Patrol <br />Foo fighters <br />Zazie <br />Alexa Kate <br />Ashley Tisdale <br />Linking Park <br />_____________________ ________________ <br />I REALLY HOPE YOU LIKE MY CHANNEL plz comments and rating^^ <br /><br />my brother Adriano Faravelli say "hello"to everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!