Hello there all! <br />Wait, why does this have a 2000 character limit but comments have a 5000 character limit? <br /><br />Anyway, I joined YouTube a while ago, when I was 13, I think (I'm 18 now). My first YouTube account was Thenbz6, and I haven't really touched it in years. That is, until recently. YouTube forced Google+ on its users and now I'm done with that site. I'm uploading all my Thenbz6 videos from YouTube onto here, and deleting them off YouTube. Well, most of my Thenbz6 videos anyway. Some were stolen content or just truly not worth keeping, so they won't be posted here.<br /><br />As I said before, I haven't touched that account in years. The videos are old and show just how inexperienced I was when making them. The only video really worth watching is the Spongebob one, and even that isn't too high quality. Regardless, I didn't want to see all my videos die after leaving YouTube so here they are, on DailyMotion!