The Mystery Method-90 <br />Chapter Four Review <br />• Al begins when you run an opener. <br />• Al is complete when you reach the Social Hook Point. This is the moment when the set ceases to wonder when you will leave, and instead hopes that you will stay. <br />• The meeting location is a target rich <br />environment where the venusian artist visits in order to practice his game. This is also known as a field. <br />• Women will often use proximity to signal their receptiveness to an approach. They may not be consciously aware mat they are doing this. <br />• Although proximity and other approach invitations are opportunities to be capitalized on, a skilled pickup-artist can consistently open sets without waiting for these signals. <br />• The 3-Second Rule states that upon entering the field, you must open a set within three seconds. Also, if you are later not in a set, and you see one, men you must open it within three seconds. Following this rule will give you more Social Proof, which affects how people respond to you. <br />• You can create negative social proof with certain behaviors. Such as: standing against the wall with your drink against your chest, standing in a group of guys, circling the venue in a predatory fashion, looking around the venue with a serious expression on your face, etc. <br />• Don't try to look 'cool' or "tough/ It's better to be comfortable and friendly. <br />• Don't drink. <br />• It's normal to need two or three warm-up approaches at the beginning of the night. <br />• Try to approach sets that have men, and practice gaming them as well. Women have a 'leader of men' attraction switch. <br />• Women have various Protection Shield Strategies, which they use to screen out men. But a venusian artist can coax a woman into lowering her shield by conveying disinterest while demonstrating value. <br />• The Mystery Method makes use of canned material, which can generate consistent responses. You should create a routine stack in order to practice this skill. <br />• The natural delivery of the material, including body language, facial expressions, and vocal tonality, is more important than the content itself. <br />• The Mystery Method makes use of indirect openers because they do not telegraph interest, and are proven in the field to open consistently. Other types of openers can also be quite effective, such as direct openers. Experiment and field-test your ideas. <br />• The use of new material in the field can feel clumsy and incongruent. Only through a couple days of in-field practice can the new material become naturalized. <br />• An opener must have a root, which is anything that gives it situational relevance. <br />• A false time constraint allows the venusian artist to create the illusion that he is just leaving. This is a powerful tool for opening consistently. <br />• Body rocking is the use of body language to deliver a false time constraint. <br />• When opening a seated set, it is important to sit with them soon after starting the opener. Use a false-time constraint and then continue talking as you sit down. <br />• When opening a moving set, it is important that they not perceive you as chasing after them in any way.