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"CONFESSIONS OF A DISCIPLE" is about a man trying to find his way. Caught between what God says and what he believes, "The Disciple" looks for clarity.

"TD" is in a relationship with a woman who is sexually involved with everyone, except him. When an old flame appears, he is faced with a decision. Does he remain faithful to the unfaithful, or does he walk in this new direction?

"Confessions..." is based on a portion of my life. It is a true story. Lies, sex, betrayal, prayer, love...just a few of the elements which make up the life of "The Disciple".

This is a full-length film/series. For presentation here, it has been condensed into four episodes.

Thank you for taking the time to watch. I truly appreciate it.



Lorraine Hansberry's "A Raisin In The Sun (Walter Lee)"

Richard Greenberg's "Take Me Out (Darren Lemming)"

Langston Hughes "Tambourines To Glory (Buddy Lomax)"

Samm-Art Williams' "Home (Cephus Miles)"

Cheryl L West's "Before It Hits Home (Douglass)"

The Disney Channel ("The Jersey")
Cinemax ("Proximity")
Marvel Comics ("The Ultimates")

The purpose of this page is to express my versatility, creativity, and ideas. Also, it is to showcase my abilities for those in the industry. I am hoping to garner those opportunities that will allow me to continue to grow as an artist.


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