"CONFESSIONS OF A DISCIPLE" is about a man trying to find his way. Caught between what God says and what he believes, "The Disciple" looks for clarity. <br /><br />"TD" is in a relationship with a woman who is sexually involved with everyone, except him. When an old flame appears, he is faced with a decision. Does he remain faithful to the unfaithful, or does he walk in this new direction? <br /><br />"Confessions..." is based on a portion of my life. It is a true story. Lies, sex, betrayal, prayer, love...just a few of the elements which make up the life of "The Disciple". <br /><br />This is a full-length film/series. For presentation here, it has been condensed into four episodes. <br /><br />Thank you for taking the time to watch. I truly appreciate it. <br /><br />Enjoy!! <br /><br />PARTIAL BIO/RESUME: <br /><br />Lorraine Hansberry's "A Raisin In The Sun (Walter Lee)" <br /><br />Richard Greenberg's "Take Me Out (Darren Lemming)" <br /><br />Langston Hughes "Tambourines To Glory (Buddy Lomax)" <br /><br />Samm-Art Williams' "Home (Cephus Miles)" <br /><br />Cheryl L West's "Before It Hits Home (Douglass)" <br /><br />The Disney Channel ("The Jersey") <br />Cinemax ("Proximity") <br />Marvel Comics ("The Ultimates") <br /><br />PURPOSE: <br />The purpose of this page is to express my versatility, creativity, and ideas. Also, it is to showcase my abilities for those in the industry. I am hoping to garner those opportunities that will allow me to continue to grow as an artist.