Check our site for more music, lyrics, clips and other nice stuff! <br /><br />COWBOY SOUL & CATWALK MUSIC… <br /><br />Themanandhismusic’s double debutalbum features a wide variety of styles and musicians from different disciplines such as Gio Harthoorn (bass), Ino Kruijssen (vocals), Robert van Kwakkelstein (piano & keyboards), Nicko Christiansen (sax, member of the Livin’ Blues), Tony Ynot (vocals), Jan Kliment (harmonica, member of the HotFootPowder Bluesband), Astrid Kies (vocals), André van Solinge (guitar) and many more. It will be released somewhere end of 2013. <br /><br />PROJECT THE MAN AND HIS MUSIC <br />Musicians, artists, models, photographers, (Tango)dancers, webdesigners, camera and video-editors are all enthousiasticly involved in the The Hague (The Netherlands)-based project Themanandhismusic. Leading man is Roberto Tangel. <br /><br />WHO IS ROBERTO TANGEL? <br />Roberto Tangel is a singer-songwriter. Along with singing, he plays the guitar, piano & trombone. He has been a dancer and club-DJ for years. Working as a dancer in ultra-fashionable clubs as Pacha & Amnesia (Ibiza) and Nelson & The Tube (New York). Being club-DJ all over Europe, residence-DJ in Sinners (Amsterdam) and De Tijd (The Hague). <br /><br />THINGS TO COME <br /><br />Right now we're working on new songs & videos. Eventually we’ll be getting the band together and do live gigs. If you wanna have us perform in your club, show, on your radio, if you want whatever information, have a request / question, or want to leave any comment: Feel Free as a Bird!!! <br /><br />WORK WITH US <br />Are you a musician, producer, label, booking-agency, artist, songwriter, singer, webdesigner, wonderwoman? Would you like to work with us on music, songwriting, audio, video or site? Let us know!